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Christmas Prescription Glasses

I have been wondering whether there exists a true Saint Christ in this world in which all the people seem to be very indifferent to the other things and people around them. If there indeed is a Grandpa Saint Christ, then I would ask him to bring me a pair of prescription eyeglasses to me as a gift this coming Christmas.

I really do not want to mention the prescription glasses I am wearing now, since every of my classmates are keeping saying that they look very ugly and ridiculous. Besides, they even humiliated me once, which is a shame to me. That was when I was spending my winter holidays at home. One day, after I watched some boring television programs, I just grabbed my prescription glasses off and threw them onto the sofa carelessly. Then I went to the washroom and I totally forgot that my poor eyeglasses were still lying helplessly on the sofa while not where it should be—the glasses box. As a result, when I came back from outside and threw myself into the sofa, I felt something groaning as if in pain. Oh my God! It was my pair of prescription glasses! I hurriedly picked them up and examined them carefully. Fortunately, I found they were still in good conditions except that the frames of them were a little twisted. I brought the glasses to my mother to ask for a new pair. Naturally, I was scolded severely for my careless treatment to my glasses and also because, a pair of ordinary prescription eyeglasses cost a lot in the store on the roadside. What’s more; my mother said that since my eyeglasses could still be put into use, then there was no need for me to buy a new one. What could I say furthermore? After all, it was my fault totally. But you could never imagine how weird it looked by wearing a pair of leaning eyeglasses on your face. My friends were all very curious about my prescription glasses and always ridiculing me for this. Therefore, I do have good reasons to get rid of them as possible as I could. I only wear them in the classes now, but I feel that my eyesight is becoming worse and worse since I often have to view the world in a lean way.

So I really hope that this Christmas I will be able to receive a pair of prescription eyeglasses as a gift. On there are progressive glasses being promoted at a very low price as low as 7.95 even! What if my mother could buy me one!