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Eyeglasses Changed Me

Maybe you can never imagine that a pair of eyeglasses can have the magic to change one person. In this time of Christmas, I want to really express my thanks to my eyeglasses.

Although I have changed many pairs of prescription glasses since my eyesight has keeping becoming worse and worse unfortunately, I still have my first pair of eyeglasses in my desk drawer. I know indeed that judged whether from its shape, its material, or its technology, it can not be called even a fancy one. However, it is actually this pair of eyeglasses that changed me forever. In the eye of all my classmates in junior high school, I was at first a very shy girl who dared not say a word loudly in front of the whole class. I should say that I really had little confidence in myself at that time. Firstly, I was very short and I was not beautiful at all with my spots on the face. Secondly, my eyes were a little near-sighted, which had caused misunderstandings and laughing in my neighborhood. Especially the latter one made me feel rather unsafe, so I was always in a state of being afraid of playing jokes on. Therefore, I seldom put up my hand and expressed my opinions in the classes even though sometimes it proved that my opinions were very good and standard. I was afraid of the fact that my eyes would cheat me. Finally, one day, my mother took me to an eyeglass store to buy me a pair of prescription eyeglasses. It was chosen by my mother. To be frank, it was not fashionable at all, it had bold black and plastic frames, the glasses were purely made of glass. Naturally, it was very frail and I was told to take care of it. From then on, in the classes I would wear my eyeglasses listening to the teachers more attentively, and I would express whatever I wanted to say clearly and loudly. Sometimes I was even kind enough to give up my seat in the front row to my classmates who also had slight eye problems. Thus they became my good friends and respected me very much. What was more, I was even recommended by my teachers to take part in the speech contest. It was said that with my prescription glasses that day I really looked very confident and attractive, and I did a great job!

Since I have been always caring about the eyeglasses, I know this Christmas an online store is doing promotions on its products and the cheapest can be $7.95. I hope that everyone who needs prescription glasses can get a satisfying one!