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The origin of prescription glasses

About the origin of the prescription glasses, there are two opinions. The first one: in the middle of the 13th century, there was a British scholar – Bacon. He saw many people’s vision were so poor that they couldn’t see the words of the book. Hence, he wanted to create a tool to help people improve eyesight. For this, he came up with a lot of methods and did a lot of experiments, but without success.

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Even though the romantic and snow-floating Christmas Day is yet to come, the December is completely a hot season for many sellers and their goods as well as a good period of time for us customers to do some shopping.

Eyeglasses Changed Me

Maybe you can never imagine that a pair of eyeglasses can have the magic to change one person. In this time of Christmas, I want to really express my thanks to my eyeglasses.

Christmas Prescription Glasses

I have been wondering whether there exists a true Saint Christ in this world in which all the people seem to be very indifferent to the other things and people around them.

I will try to never wear eyeglasses again

I was a girl with a pair of bright black eyes. All my relatives and friends would say. She has a pair of beautiful eyes

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