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I will try to never wear eyeglasses again

I was a girl with a pair of bright black eyes. All my relatives and friends would say. She has a pair of beautiful eyes

Time flies, I entered key high school. Every one knows that teachers place much pressure on students to learn a lot and learn well. In my high school years, I continued to learning even when I was stressed out. In order to learn well, I would go to quiet place to recite things even when there was not enough light for reading books. I got good marks in my exam, but I loosed my good eyesight.

Since then I had got my eye glasses. They are unique in the form and their frame is red. It helps me see things clearly from a distance. Meanwhile, it can protect my eyes when I watch TV and operate a computer. I am so grateful to them.

However, in the depth of my heart, I hate to wear glasses all day long. I want to see things with my own eyes; I want to have a pair of beautiful eyes like before; I want my eyes alive!

I experienced the saying “we are not being grateful for what we have until we lose it.

What I should do is that I use all possible effective means to protect my eyes.

As we all know, there a great number of Chinese people who wear eyeglasses and even many of them can’t see things clearly without glasses. If one wear glasses, and they don’t protect their eyes, their eyesight will be poorer and poorer. Doctors say that poor vision can be inherited! That is to say, a new born baby can’t see things clearly without glasses like their parents!

It is too terrible! Can we do anything for preventing the tragedy from happening? Yes! We can! If there is love for our eyes and next generations! Let’s take actions from now to protect our eyes!

I will protect my eyes. I will try to never wear eyeglasses again! I will reserve them and make them a warning for my little sisters, brothers and my children to protect their eyes.